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Intro: Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch (2 bars) then 2 bars played on G 

[G] Pardon me boy, is that the  
[C] Chattanooga  
[G] Choo-Choo? Yes, Yes 

[G] Track twenty- 
[Am7] nine  
[D7] boy you can give me a  
[G] shine (2 bars) 

[G] Can you afford to board the  
[C] Chattanooga  
[G] Choo-Choo?  

[G] I got my  
[Am7] fare  
[D7] and just a trifle to  
[G] spare  

You leave the  
[C] Pennsylvania  
[G7] Station 'bout a 

[C] quarter to  
[G7] four. 

[C] Read a maga 
[G7]-zine and then you're  
[C] in Balti 

[F] Dinner in the  
[B7] diner,  
[C] nothing could be  
[A7] finer 

[F#dim] Than to have your ham and eggs in Caro 


[C] When you hear the  
[G7] whistle blowing  
[C] eight to the  
[G7] bar, 

[C] Then you know that  
[G7] Tennessee is  
[C] not very  
[C7] far 

[F] Shovel all the  
[B7] coal in,  
[C] gotta keep it  
[A7] rollin'. 

[F#dim] Whoo whoo, Chattanooga, there  
[G7] you  
[C] are! 

[G] There's gonna be, a certain  
[C] party at the  
[G] station  

[G] Satin and  
[Am7] lace,  
[D7] I used to call  
[G] funny-face (2 bars) 

[G] She's gonna cry until I tell her that I'll  
[C] never roam  

[G] Chattanooga  
[Em] Choo-Choo, 

[Am7] Won’t you  
[D7] choo-choo me  
[G] home? (Repeat from ******) 

[G] Chata 
[G] Chata 
[Gdim]nooga, (with Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch and whistle) 

[G] Chatan 
[G] Chata 
[Gdim]nooga, repeat these 2 lines, then to finish……. 

[G] Chattanooga  

[Am7] Won’t you  
[D7] choo-choo me 
[G] home? 234