[C]Well, in 1814, we  
[F]took a little trip, 

[G]long with Colonel Jackson down the  
[C]mighty Mississipp. 

We took a little bacon and we  
[F]took a little beans, 

and we  
[G]*fought the bloomin’ British in the town of New Orleans 


Well, we  
[C]fired our guns and the British kept a comin', 

there wasn't nigh as many as there  
[G]was a while  

We fired once more and they began a running, 

on down the Mississippi to the  
[G]Gulf of Mex 

Well, we  
[C]looked down the river till we  
[F]see the British come, 

[G]musta been a hundred of 'em  
[C]beatin' on the drum. 

They stepped so high and they  
[F]made the bugles ring, 

well, we  
[G]*stood beside our cotton bales and never said a thing. 


[C]Hick'ry said we could  
[F]take ‘em by surprise, 

if we  
[G]didn't fire a musket till we  
[C]looked `em in the eyes. 

We held our fire till we  
[F]see'd their faces well, 

then we  
[G]*opened up with squirrel guns and really gave ‘em... well. 


Well, they  
[C]ran through the briars and they  
[F]ran through the brambles, 

and they  
[G]ran through the bushes where the  
[C]rabbits couldn't go. 

They ran so fast that the  
[F]hounds couldn't catch ‘em, 

[G]down the Mississippi to the  
[C]Gulf of Mexico. 


Well, we  
[C]fired our muskets so the  
[F]barrels melted down, 

[G]grabbed an alligator and we  
[C]fought another round. 

Well, we stuffed his head with cannon balls and  
[F]powdered his behind, 

[G]*when we touched the powder off, the 'gator lost his mind. 


[C]Down the Mississippi to the  
[G]Gulf of Mexi 
[C]co. (4x)