[Am] Hallo darkness, my old  
[G] friend, I`ve come to talk to you  
[Am] again, 

because a  
[C] vision softly  
[F] is cree 

left its seeds while I  
[F] was slee 

and the  
[F] vision that was planted in my  
[C] brain, still re 

within the  
[G] sound of  
[Am] silence. 

[Am] In restless dreams I walked  
[G] alone, narrow streets of cobble 

`Neath the  
[C] halo of  
[F] a street  
[C] lamp, 

I turned my collar to the  
[F] cold and  
[C] damp, 

when my  
[F] eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon  
[C] light, 

that split the  
[Am] night - and touched the  
[G] sound of  
[Am] silence. 

[Am] And in the naked light I  
[G] saw, ten thousand people, maybe  
[Am] more, 

[C] talking wi 
[F]thout spea 
[C]king, people hearing wi 
[C] listening, 

people writing  
[F] songs that voices never  
[C] share, 

and no-one  
[Am] dare - disturb the  
[G] sounds of  
[Am] silence. 

[Am] Fools, said I, you do not  
[G] know, silence like a cancer  
[Am] grows, 

hear my  
[C] words, that I  
[F] might teach  
[C] you, 

take my arms that I  
[F] might reach  
[C] you, 

But my  
[F] words like silent raindrops  
[C] fell -  

and echoed in the  
[G] wells of  
[Am] silence. 

[Am] And the people bowed and  
[G] prayed to the neon god they`d  
[Am] made. 

And the  
[C] sign flashed out  
[F] its war 
[C]ning, in the words that it  
[F] was for 

And the sign said, the  
[F] words of the prophets are written 

in the subway  
[C] walls, and tenement  
[Am] halls , 

and whispered in the  
[G] sounds - of  
[Am] silence.