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[G] Well I walked up to her 

And I  
[D7] asked her if she wanted to  
[G] dance 

[G] She looked awful nice 

[D7] so I hoped she might take a  
[G] chance 

[C] When we danced I  
[G] held her tight 

[C] And then I walked her  
[G] home that night 

And all the stars were  
[D7] shining bright and then I  
[G] kissed her 

[G] Each time I saw her I  
[D7] couldn't wait to see her a 

I wanted to let her  
[D7] know that I was more than a  
[G] friend 

[C] I didn't know just  
[G] what to do 

[C] So I whispered  
[G] I love you 

And she said that she  
[D7] loved me too and then I  
[G] kissed her 

[C] kissed her in a  
[C6] way 

That I'd  
[Cmaj7] never kissed a  
[C6] girl be 

[A] kissed her in a way 

That I  
[A7] hoped she'd like for ever  
[D] more  

[G] knew that she was mine 

So I  
[D7] gave her all the love that I  
[G] had 

Then one day she'll take me  
[D7] home 

To meet her mum and her  
[G] dad 

[C] And then I asked her to  
[G] be my bride 

[C] And always be right  
[G] by my side 

I felt so happy that I  
[D7] almost cried and then I  
[G] kissed her 

And then I  
[G] kissed her and then I  
[G] kissed her