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[A] I pulled in to  
[C#m] Nazareth, I was  
[D] feeling about half past  
[A] dead. 

[A] I just need some  
[C#m] place where  
[D] I can lay my  
[A] head. 

[A] "Hey, Mister, can you  
[C#m] tell me where a  
[D] man might find a  
[A] bed?" 

[A] He just grinned,  
[C#m] shook my hand,  
[D] "No" was all he  
[A] said. 


[A] Take a  
[A/G#] load off,  
[D] Fanny. 

[A] Take a  
[A/G#] load for  
[D] free. 

[A] Take a  
[A/G#] load off,  
[D] Fanny. 

[D] And... you put the load right on  
[A] me. 

[D] x 2 

[A] I picked up my  
[C#m] bag. I went  
[D] looking for a place to  
[A] hide. 

[A] When I saw  
[C#m] Carmen and the devil  
[D] walking side by  
[A] side. 

[A] I said, "Hey,  
[C#m] Carmen, come on.  
[D] Let's go down  
[A] town." 

[A] She said, "I got to  
[C#m] go, but my  
[D] friend can stick a  
[A] round." 


[A] Go down, Miss  
[C#m] Moses, there's  
[D] nothing you can  
[A] say. 

[A] It's just old  
[C#m] Luke, and Luke's  
[D] waiting on the judgement  
[A] day. 

[A] "Well, Luke, my  
[C#m] friend, what about  
[D] young Anna  
[A] Lee?" 

[A] He said, "Do me a  
[C#m] favor, son, won't you  
[D] keep her  
[A] company." 


[A] Crazy Chester  
[C#m] followed me and he caught me in the  
[A] fog. 

[A] He said, "I will  
[C#m] fix your rack, if you'll take Jack my  
[A] dog." 

[A] I said, "Wait a  
[C#m] minute, Chester. You know I'm a peaceful  
[A] man." 

[A] He said, "That's  
[C#m] okay, boy. Won't you feed him when you  
[A] can?" 


[A] Get your Canon  
[C#m] ball now, to take me down the  
[A] line. 

[A] My bag is sinking  
[C#m] low, and I do believe it's  
[A] time 

[A] To get back to Miss  
[C#m] Fanny. You know she's the only  
[A] one 

[A] Who sent me here  
[C#m] with her regards for every  
[A] one.