[C] I find  
[G] quantum mechanics  
[Bm] confusing to 

[A] science is  
[Bm] all the rage 

[G] hadron collider is  
[E7] banging away 

[A] Trying to guess our  
[D7] age  

[G] particle here, a particle there 

In this  
[C] weird quantum world 

Bits can  
[A] be any 
[D7] where 

[G] might just explain  
[Bm] why I’m  
[E7] losing my  
[Bm] hair 

In The  
[A] Infinite  
[Bm] Monkey  
[G] Cage 

[G] T’other day I heard Mrs.  
[Bm] Schrödinger  
[C] say 

I’m going to  
[D7] put out the  
[G] cat  

[G] Heidinger said,  
[Bm] woo, it  
[E7] might be quite dead 

I’m most  
[A] certain if you should do  
[D7] that 

[G]less you’ve got that Robin Ince and Professor Cox 

[C] leave that poor pussy a 
[A]lone in its  
[D7] box 

[G] cat may be as dead as a rat,  
[E7] you can  
[Bm] wage 

In The  
[A] Infinite Monkey  
[Bm] Cage 

[G] Scientists say all the  
[Bm] world’s just a stage 

[A] physics is passing  
[Bm] through 

[G] There may be an in 
[E7] number of  
[A] mes 

And an infinite number of  
[D7] you (God help us) 

[G] Over in CERN, they are trying to learn 

[C] What can the dark matter  
[A] be  

[G] Who gives a fig  
[Bm] if a  
[E7] pig can do  
[Bm] trig 

In The  
[A] Infinite  
[D7] Monkey  
[G] Cage 

[G] There’s many a  
[E7] superpositional thing 

[A] blowing my mind to 

[G] multiverse seems to be 

[E7] Made out of string 

[A] That’s what the particle  
[D7] physicists say  

[G] If infinite monkeys type every day 

[C] They may accidentally write  
[A] Hamlet the  
[D7] play 

But they’d  
[G] probably just shit on it and  
[E7] throw it a 

In The  
[A] Infinite  
[Bm] Monkey  
[G] Cage 

[A] That naughty monkey 

In The Infinite  
[Bm] Monkey  
[G] Cage 

Without your trousers 

[E7]In The  
[A] Infinite  
[Bm] Monkey  
[G] Cage