[Am/F#]C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Chordstrum\chord\ukulele\Am-Fs.png      [Am/G]C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Chordstrum\chord\ukulele\Am-G.png                                    
[Am] Hot town,  
[Am/G] summer in the city, 

[Am/F#] back of my neck getting  
[F] dirty and  
[E] gritty 

[Am] Been down,  
[Am/G] isn't it a pity, 

[Am/F#] doesn't seem to be a  
[F] shadow in the  
[E] city 

[E] All around,  
[E7] people looking half dead 

[Am] Walking on the sidewalk,  
[A] hotter than a match head 


[D] But at night it's a  
[G]different world 

[D] Go out and  
[G] find a girl 

[D] Come-on come-on and  
[G] dance all night 

[D] Despite the heat it'll  
[G] be alright 

[Bm] babe, don't you  
[E] know it's a pity 

That the  
[Bm] days can't  
[E] be like the nights 

In the  
[Bm] summer, in the  
[E] city 

In the  
[Bm] summer, in the  
[E] city 

[Am] Cool town,  
[Am/G] evening in the city 

[Am/F#] Dressing so fine and  
[F] looking so  
[E] pretty 

[Am] Cool cat,  
[Am/G] looking for a kitty 

[Am/F#] Gonna look in every  
[F] corner of the  
[E] city 

[E] Till I'm  
[E7] wheezing like a bus stop 

[Am] Running up the stairs,  
[A] gonna meet you on the rooftop 


instrumental break (4th and 5th guitar strings)) 



(chords as first four lines of verse) 

(verse 1)