On the  
[G]Fourth of July, eighteen hundred and  

We set  
[G]sail from the sweet cove of  

We were  
[G]sailing away with a cargo of  

For the  
[G]Grand City  
[D]Hall in New  

'Twas an  
[G]elegant craft,  
[D]rigged fore and aft 

And oh,  
[G]how the wild wind  
[C]drove her 

She could  
[G]stand a great blast 

She had  
[Em]twenty seven  

And they  
[G]called her The  

We had  
[G]one million bags of the best Sligo  

We had  
[G]two million barrels of  

We had  
[G]three million sides of old blind horses  

We had  
[G]four million  
[D]barrels of  

We had  
[G]five million hogs, And  
[D]six million dogs 

[G]Seven million barrels of  

We had  
[G]eight million bails of old  

In the  
[G]hold of the  

There was  
[G]awl Mickey Coote who played hard on his  

When the  
[G]ladies lined up for a  

He was  
[G]tootin' with skill for each sparkling  

Though the  
[G]dancers were  
[D]fluther'd and  

With his  
[G]smart witty talk he was  
[D]cock of the walk 

And he  
[G]rolled the dames under and  

They all  
[G]knew at a glance when he  
[Em]took up his  

That he  
[G]sailed in The  


[G]/ / / /  
[C]/ / / /  
[G]/ / / /  
[D]/ / / /  

[G]/ / / /  
[C]/ / / /  
[G]/ / / /  
[D]/ /  
[G]/ / 

[G]/ / / /  
[D]/ / / /  
[G]/ / / /  
[D]/ / / / 

[G]/ / / /  
[Em]/ /  
[C]/ / 

[G]/ / / /  
[D]/ /  
[G]/ / 

There was  
[G]Barney McGee from the banks of the  

There was  
[G]Hogan from County Ty- 

There was  
[G]Johnny McGurk who was scared stiff of  

And a  
[G]chap from West 
[D]meath called  

There was  
[G]Slugger O'Toole,  
[D]drunk as a rule 

[G]Fighting Bill Treacy from  

And your  
[G]man, Mick MacCann from the  
[Em]banks of the  

Was the  
[G]skipper of the  

We had  
[G]sailed seven years when the measles broke  

And our  
[G]ship lost its way in the  

And that  
[G]whale of a crew was reduced down to  

[G]myself and the  
[D]Captain's old  

Then the  
[G]ship struck a rock, oh  
[D]Lord! what a shock 

[G]boat it flipped right  

[G]nine times around, 

and the  
[Em]poor old dog was  

I’m the  
[G]last of the The