[Am] A church house gin house 

A school house outhouse 

On highway number nineteen 

Where people keep the city clean 


[Am] They call it NutCbush. Oh, Nut 

Call it Nut 
[Am]bush city limits 

Nutbush city limits 

Twentyfive was the speed limit 

Motorcycles not allowed in it 

You go to the store on Fridays 

You go to church on Sundays 


You go to fields on week days 

And have a picnic on Labor Day 

You go to town on Saturdays 

But go to church ev'ry Sunday. 


Instrumental verse and chorus 

No whiskey for sale 

You can't cop no bail 

Saltpork and molasses 

Is all you get in jail. 


Little old town in Tennessee 

That's called quiet( little old community) 

A one-horse town 

You have to watch 

What you're puttin' down in old Nutbush.