[F] I've never seen the inside of a  
[C7] barroom 

Or listened to a jukebox all night  
[F] long  

But I  
[F] see these are the things that bring you  
[Bb] pleasure 

So I'm  
[G] gonna make some changes in our  
[C7] home 

[F] heard it said: "If you can't beat 'em,  
[C7] join 'em" 

So if that's the way you've wanted me to  
[F] be  

[F] change if it takes that to make you  
[Bb] happy 

From now  
[F] on you're gonna  
[C7] see a different  
[F] me. 


[F] Because your  
[Bb] good girl's gonna go  
[F] bad 

I'm gonna be the swingin'est swinger you've ever  
[C7] had 

If you like 'em  
[F] painted up  
[Bb] powdered up  

Then you oughta be  
[Bb] glad 

'Cause your  
[F] good  
[C7] girl's gonna go  
[F] bad. 

[F] I'll even learn to like the taste of  
[C7] whiskey 

In fact, you'll hardly recognize your  
[F] wife  

[F] buy some brand new clothes and dress up  
[Bb] fancy 

For my  
[F] journey to the  
[C7] wilder side of  
[F] life. 


Oh! Yeah! Your  
[Bb] good girl's gonna go  
[F] bad.