[ C]C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Chordstrum\chord\ukulele\ C.png                              
Capo 1st fret. The D is a Dsus2 and the C is a Cadd9 


[A] Woke up cold one Tuesday, 

[C] i'm looking tired and  
[G] feeling quite sick,  

[A] i felt like there was something missing in my  
[C] day to day  
[E] life,  

so i  
[A] quickly opened the wardrobe,  

[C] pulled out some jeans and a  
[G] T-Shirt that seemed clean, 

[A] topped it off with a pair of old shoes,  

that were  
[C] ripped around the  
[E] seams, 

and i thought  
[G] these shoes just don't suit me.  


[A] Hey, I put some  
[E] new shoes on,  

[D] suddenly everything is right, 

I said,  
[A] hey, I put some  
[E] new shoes on 

[D] everybody's smiling, its so inviting,  

[A] short on money, but  
[E] long on time, 

[D] slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine, 

[A] i'm running late, 

and i don't  
[E] need an excuse, 

'cause i'm  
[D] wearing my brand new shoes. 

[ C] 


[A] Woke up late one Thursday, 

[C] i'm seeing stars as i'm  
[G] rubbing my eyes,  

and i  
[A] felt like there were two days missing,  

as i  
[C] focused on the  
[E] time, 

and as i  
[A] made my way to the kitchen, 

[C] but i had to stop from the  
[G] shock of what i found, 

[A] a room full of all of my friends  
[C] all dancing round and  
[E] round, 

and i thought 
[G] hello new shoes, bye bye blues.  


[ C] 

(Bridge, play twice) 

[A] Take me wondering through these streets,  

[A] where bright lights and angels meet,  

[A] stone to stone they take me on,  

[D] i'm walking to the break of dawn. 

Chorus x 2