[Gm] Have you got colour in your  
[Eb] cheeks? 

Do you ever get that fear that you can't  
[Gm] shift the type 

That sticks around like  
[Gm] summat in your teeth 

Are there some  
[Eb] aces up your  
[Cm] sleeve 

Have you no idea that you're in  
[Gm] deep 

I dreamt about you nearly  
[Gm] every night this week 

How many  
[Eb] secrets can  
[Cm] you keep? 

Cause there's this tune I found that  
[Gm] makes me think of you somehow 

When I  
[Gm] play it on repeat 

[Eb] Until I  
[Cm] fall asleep 

Spilling drinks on my  
[D] settee 



(Do I  
[Eb] wanna know) If this  
[Cm] feeling floats both ways 

(Sad to  
[Gm] see you go) Was sort of hoping that you'd stay 

(Baby we  
[Eb] both know) That the  
[Cm] nights were mainly made 

for saying  
[Gm] things that you can't say tomorrow day 

Crawling back to  
[Gm] you 

Ever thought of  
[Eb] calling  
[Cm] when you've had a few? 

Cause I always  
[Gm] do 

Well baby I'm too busy being  
[Eb] yours to  
[Cm] fall for somebody new 

Now I've thought it  
[Gm] through, crawling back to  
[Gm] you 


[Gm] So have you got the  
[Eb] guts? 

Been wondering if your heart's still  
[Gm] open and 

if so I wanna  
[Gm] know what time it shuts 

[Eb] Simmer down and  
[Cm] pucker up 

I'm sorry to interrupt it's  
[Gm] just I'm constantly on the cusp of 

[Gm] trying to  
[Eb] kiss you 

[Cm] but I don't know if you feel the  
[Gm] same as I do 

[Gm] But we could be  
[Eb] together 

if you wanted  
[D] to 



First half of chorus x 2