[B] Take me into the night and I'm an  
[Dm] easy lover,  

[B] Take me into the fight and I'm an  
[Dm] easy brother,  

[Dm] And I'm on fire  

[B] Burn my sweet leather jean, I'm  
[Dm] a roadrunner  

[B] Spill my guts on the wheel, I wanna  
[Dm] taste a heart  

[Dm] And I'm on fire  
[B] ...  
[Dm] I'm on fire  


And I'm on fire... 

[B] (I'm going,  
[Dm] you tell me,  
[E] I feel it, I say it 

Im heading  
[Dm] back into the  
[B] tunnel for my soul to burn) 

And I'm on fire... 

[B] (I'm coming,  
[Dm] you coming, no  
[E] hiding, my feeling 

I wanna  
[Dm] take it to the  
[B] highest over me, yeah...) 


[B] Wire me up to machines, I'll be your  
[Dm] prisoner  

[B] Find it hard to believe, you are my  
[Dm] murderer  

I'm on  
[Dm] fire  

[Dm] behind  
[E] you  

Heads up  
[Dm] falling  
[E] sky  


Random stuff then chorus music 

And I'm on fire... 

[B] Move on,  
[Dm] you got to  
[E] move on 

You got to  
[Dm] hit em to the hip  

And get your shake on 

I feel it, I want it, Im coming, I tell ya, 

I caught the bullet from the heavens to the one you serve, 

I'm going, I'm running, out to the highest love 

I'm wanna hit you to the hip...