[Dm/A]C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Chordstrum\chord\ukulele\Dm-A.png      [Dsus4]C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Chordstrum\chord\ukulele\Dsus4.png                        

Are you  
[G] hanging  
[Em] up a  
[Bm] stocking on your  
[D] wall 

It's the  
[G] time that  
[Em] every  
[Bm] Santa has a  
[D] ball 

Does he  
[C] ride a rednose  
[G] reindeer 

Does a  
[C] tonup on his  
[G] sleigh 

Do the  
[Am] fairies keep him  
[C] sober for a  
[Dsus4] day! 




So here it  
[G] is Merry Christ 
[Bm] mas every 
[Bb] body's having  
[D] fun 

[G] to the future  
[Bm] now it's only  
[Bb] just begun 

Are you  
[G] waiting for  
[E] the  
[Bm] family to  
[D] arrive 

Are you  
[G] sure you've got  
[Em] the  
[Bm] room to spare in 
[D] side 

Does your  
[C] Granny always  
[G] tell ya 

that the  
[C] old songs are the  
[G] best 

But she's  
[Am] up 'n rock 'n  
[C] rollin' with the  
[Dsus4] rest! 


[Dm] What will your daddy  
[Bb] do when he sees your  
[Dm] mama kissing  
[Bb] Santa Claus,  
[C] aha! 

Are you  
[G] hanging up  
[Em] a  
[Bm] stocking on your  
[D] wall 

Are you  
[G] hoping that  
[Em] the  
[Bm] snow will start to  
[D] fall 

Do you  
[C] ride on down the  
[G] hillside 

in a  
[C] buggy you have  
[G] made 

When you  
[Am] land upon your  
[C] head 

then you've been  
[Dsus4] slayed! 

Chorus x 3