He is  
[C]five feet  
[D]two, and he's  
[G]six feet  

[C]fights with  
[D]missiles and with  

He is  
[C]all of thirty- 
[D]one, and he's  
[G]only seven 

He's been a  
[C]soldier for thousand  

He's a  
[C]Catholic, a  
[D]Hindu, an  

[C]Buddhist and a  
[D]Baptist and a  

And he  
[C]knows,he shouldn't  
[D]kill, and he  
[G]knows he always  

kill you for  
[C]me my friend and and  
[Am]me for you. 

And he's  
[C]fighting for  
[D]Canada, he's  
[G]fighting for  

[C]fighting for the  

and he's  
[C]fighting for the  
[D]Russians, and he's  
[G]fighting for  

and he  
[C]thinks we put an  
[Am]end to war this  

And he's  
[C]fighting for de 
[D]mocracy, he's  
[G]fighting for the  

[C]says it's for the  
[D]peace of  

He's the  
[C]one who must de 
[D]cide, who's to  
[G]live and who's to  

and he  
[C]never sees the  
[Am]writing on the  

But with 
[C]out him, how would  
[D]Hitler have con 
[G]demned him at  

[C]him Caesar  
[D]would have stood a 

He's the  
[C]one who gives his  
[D]body as a  
[G]weapon of the  

and with 
[C]out him all this  
[D]killing can't go  


He's the  
[D]soldier and he  
[G]really is to  

[C]orders come from  
[D]far away, no  

They come from  
[C]here and there, and  
[D]you and me,  

[G]brothers, can't you  

this is  
[C]not the way we put an end to